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Income Tax Forms


For federal forms go to the IRS's website.
For state forms, go to the Arizona Department of Revenue's website.
For W-2 forms, contact your employer.
Office supply stores sell 1099 forms (or contact the IRS).
Employer Forms NOT available online for download are listed below. The printed version of the following forms may be obtained by calling 1-800-TAX-FORM (1-800-829-3676) or by ordering online at forms and publications by U.S. mail or employer forms and instructions. Some may be carried at office supply stores for a fee.

Form W-2 (series, excepting Form W-2G)
Form W-3 (series, excepting Form W-3(C)PR)
Form 1096
Form 1098 (series)
Form 1099 (series)
Form 5498 (series)
Form 5500 (series)
Form 8109-B

Federal Taxes

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Free File
Info about E-filing
Prior years' federal tax forms

State Taxes

Arizona Department of Revenue
Individual Arizona State Income Tax Forms

Other State Tax Sites

FindLaw State Resources
State Tax Forms from the Federation of Tax Administrators


Maricopa County Assessor