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Thank you for your interest in the Chandler Public Library Volunteer Program. The Chandler Library offers adult, teen and family volunteer opportunities. 

Adult Volunteering

Adult volunteer orientations are usually held once a month at the Downtown Library. The orientation is an information sharing session where current volunteer opportunities are presented. Following orientation, attendees will have the opportunity to apply for volunteer positions. Attendance at orientation does not guarantee a position within the volunteer program or commit you in anyway. It is simply a time to learn about what volunteer roles are available within the Library. Applicant interviews and reference checks will take place following orientation attendance.  

Adult Volunteer Application (.pdf format)  

References & Time Commitment  (.pdf format)  

Chandler Public Library - General Information
Attn: Tara Anglin
Mail Stop 601, P.O. Box 4008
Chandler, AZ 85244-4008
Fax: 480-782-2823
Email: tara.anglin@chandleraz.gov 

Teen Volunteering

Interested in volunteering at the library? Teens 12-18 years old interested in volunteering with the Chandler Library should fill out the application form and email or bring the volunteer application to the following people at the branch you are interested in. CLICK HERE to download application. Also, see the Teen Page here.

Downtown Library - Chandler Public Library
Attn:  Brenna Klassen
Mail Stop 601, P.O. Box 4008
Chandler, AZ  85244-4008
Fax:  480-782-2823
Email:  brenna.klassen@chandleraz.gov 

Sunset Branch - Chandler Public Library 
Attn:  Elisia Simmons
Mail Stop 918, P.O. Box 4008
Chandler, AZ  85244-4008
Fax:  480-782-2863
Email:  elisia.simmons@chandleraz.gov

Hamilton Branch - Chandler Public Library
Attn: Sean George
Mail Stop 917, P.O. Box 4008
Chandler, AZ  85244-4008
Fax:  480-782-2833
Email:  sean.george@chandleraz.gov

Basha Branch - Chandler Public Library
Attn:  Sandra Mendoza
Mail Stop 920, P.O. Box 4008
Chandler, AZ  85244-4008
Fax:  480-782-2855
Email:  sandra.mendoza@chandleraz.gov  


Chandler Public Library’s Homebound Book Delivery Service

The Chandler Public Library’s Book Buddy program is a free service that pairs library volunteers with individuals in the community who are unable to come to the library due to a physical disability or advanced age. Volunteer Book Buddies deliver and return library materials to and from the community member’s home on a regular basis. Book Buddies can bring any of the circulating materials from the collection to a patron’s home, as well as interlibrary loan materials from other libraries.

This includes:

Regular and Large Print Books
Books on CD 
Movies on DVD

Book Buddies downloadable form