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Get a Library Card -- Find out more about signing up for a Chandler Library card.
Request a Book/Place a Hold -- Discover more about placing a hold to pick up from a Chandler Library.
Renew my Books -- Learn how to renew items you already have checked out on your account.
Find a Book -- Discover how to find items in our catalog or research subjects via a database.
View my Account -- Find out how to access your account or pay fines online.

Get a Library Card

To get a library card in person, adults must provide picture identification that has their name and current local address. If the identification does not have the current address, another form showing the current local address may be used. Acceptable forms include valid Arizona State IDs, checks, current bill or statement, voters registration cards, postmarked mail, hunting or fishing license or any other official document, in print or online, which includes the applicant’s name and current local address. 

Library cards are free for residents of Maricopa County, or for nonresidents who work or go to school in the city of Chandler, with an additional ID that verifies the workplace or school. See below for additional information for nonresidents.

Chandler Library Card

Young adults (ages 13-17) can show the same ID as adults. Alternatively, young adults may present a school ID with a current report card or log in to their school's online student account if these show their current address. If a young adult does not have acceptable identification, a parent or legal guardian should be present who can present their own picture ID and proof of current local address.

Children (ages 0-12) must have their application information provided by a parent or guardian who has appropriate identification. All children must be present to obtain a library card.

Chandler Public Library is pleased to offer eCards to our online users. Applicants who are Maricopa County Residents* will use our online registration form and receive an eCard number that allows access to online resources including research resources, ebooks from cloudLibrary** and more. eCard users may upgrade to a full-access card (allowing checkout of physical items from the library) by visiting a library location and presenting a photo ID and proof of current address.

 * The online eCard application is unable to process non-Maricopa County resident applicants. Please call us at 480-782-2800 to inquire about getting an eCard if you are not a Maricopa County resident.
 ** Please note: cloudLibrary users who originally register with an eCard will have to merge accounts if they upgrade their eCard to a full-access card. To merge accounts, please call us at 480-782-2800.

Non-Chandler residents living within Maricopa County and all residents of the Gila River Indian Community who live in Pinal County may also obtain a library card, free of charge, following the same criteria as above.

Non-Maricopa County residents who work or go to school in Chandler may also obtain a library card free of charge by showing the appropriate identification as listed above, along with proof that they do work or go to school in Chandler. Acceptable proof includes school or business ID, school schedule, or pay stub.

Non-Maricopa County residents who do not work or go to school in Chandler may obtain a library card for the fee of $40.00 per year per card and the requested information as listed above.

The online eCard application is unable to process nonresident applicants. Please call us at 480-782-2800 to inquire about getting an eCard if you are not a Maricopa County resident. The nonresident fee is $40.00 per year.

I've lost my card. 
Report your card missing as soon as possible. There is a $2.00 charge for library cards that are lost or damaged beyond use. There is no charge to replace a stolen card. Picture identification must be presented to replace a library card. Staff can look up a customer’s library card number twice with proper identification. After that, a replacement card will need to be purchased.

I think my card expired. 
Chandler Public Library cards expire on regular schedules. Library cards issued to adult patrons residing within the City of Chandler will expire every five years. Library cards issued to young adults residing within the City of Chandler will expire the year the patron turns 18, and library cards issued to children residing within the City of Chandler will expire the year the child turns 13.

All Chandler Public Library cards issued to patrons who reside outside the City of Chandler, regardless of age, will expire each year.

In order to renew a Chandler Public Library card, please come into any Chandler Public Library location and provide picture ID and ask staff to renew your library card.

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Request a Book/Place a hold

How do I place a hold?
You can place a hold on any item that is checked out, using your library card number (no spaces) and 4-digit PIN in the library online catalog. You may have up to ten holds at any one time.

When do I pick up my hold?
If all copies are checked out, or if you have asked that an item be transferred between branches, you will be contacted when the hold is available for you at the email address that we have in our records. You also have the option to receive TEXT messages for notifications. You can add or change your email and TXT options by logging into your account here: My Account and setting your options. For more details, see the FAQ sections on viewing your account. Held items will show an "unclaimed date", this is the day you have until to pickup your held item. 

Why didn't my request work?
There are several reasons why requests may not work. 

If you receive the message User not found or Please enter your correct PIN, then the numbers you are entering do not match our records. Make sure you are using a current library card number, and enter all 14 digits with NO spaces. If you need to reset your PIN number, please bring a photo ID to one of our libraries. 

If you receive the message Privilege has expired or User Blocked, your record needs to be updated or you have fines that must be paid. You will need to come in to the library to resolve these issues.

There is a limit of ten holds at any one time. User has too many holds is the message you will will receive if you try to place more than ten holds.

How do I get a book from another library within the Chandler system (transferring items) or from another library system entirely (Interlibrary Loan)?
If the book or item you want is at one of the Chandler libraries, you can place a hold on it. See How do I place a hold? 

If the item you want is not at any Chandler Library, we can request an Interlibrary Loan for you. We will locate libraries that own the item and ask if one of them can send it to your Chandler Library branch. Each Interlibrary Loan costs $6 (payable on checkout), and some materials may be an additional charge. The average wait time is 2-4 weeks. We reserve the right to purchase the book for the library instead of requesting it through Interlibrary Loan. You may have 6 active requests at one time, including items currently checked out. For additional information, please visit Interlibrary Loan or call 480-782-2800.

What if I can't wait for an Interlibrary Loan?
Try WorldCat's free version to see if any libraries in the area have the item. To use other area libraries, you will have to get a card with them. Most public libraries will allow any Maricopa County resident to get a free card. University and college libraries are usually restricted to students, but may allow community users to get a card for a fee. 

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Renew My Books

How do I renew materials?
All materials can be renewed four times, unless another user has placed a hold on the material.. After that, the items must be returned to the library.

Library materials may be renewed in one of three ways.

1) You can call the library at 480-782-2800 and ask a staff member to renew your items for you.
2) You can bring in your materials to the library to renew on the self check out machines.
3) You can renew the items yourself online. From select the menu item My Library > My Account

What can be renewed, and for how long?
Most materials can be renewed four times, for an additional three weeks, unless there is a hold on the material. DVD movies, which check out for one week, can also be renewed four times, unless they are on hold. For specific renewal information, see our Circulation Policy.

What if I can't renew it?
Some items cannot be renewed, such as items that have been requested by another patron. If your item cannot be renewed, your options are to return it or keep it and pay the fines. If you return the item, you must allow time for it to return to the shelf before checking it out again, or, if there is a waiting list, you can be added to the end of the list. If you choose to keep the item past the due date, you will be responsible for any late fees. For more information, see our Circulation Policy or call 480-782-2800.

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Find a Book

How do I find books, DVDs, Audiobooks, CDs?
You can find items at all four Chandler libraries by using our catalog. Go to our homepage, and search the Catalog by using the orange Search Our Catalog bar toward the top of the page. You can then search by author, title, subject, or other keywords. To combine terms or to look for a particular item type (DVD, Books on CD, etc.), use the Advanced Search inside the catalog (must do a simple search on the homepage first).

How do I find magazines, newspapers, articles?
The Chandler libraries subscribe to various print newspapers and magazines, and we keep select archives. (Archive span varies depending on the publication.) Magazines and newspapers can be used in the library or photocopied; some magazines may be checked out. Call 480-782-2800 to find out which titles are available, or check our online list of holdings in our catalog. We also subscribe to a number of online databases, which you can use to search for articles by subject. These include Masterfile Complete and Gale's PowerSearch; you find them on our A-Z databases page and online research pages. Some of these databases can be accessed from home, using your library card and PIN numbers. Call 480-782-2800 if you have questions or problems accessing these databases.

How do I get it once I find it?
You can place a hold on most any item that is available or is checked out. Once the item is ready for you to pick up, you will be contacted by email or TXT message at the email address or TXT number listed on your library account.

What if I can't find what I need in the catalog?
If you have a question about the catalog, or about any of the library's resources, feel free to ask a librarian - that's what we're here for! You can come to the reference desk at any branch or call us 480-782-2800. If you are not in the library, you can use our Ask a Question service. Your question will be emailed to us and we will reply as soon as possible, usually within a few hours (except on Sundays or when the library is closed). When you ask your question, please be as specific as possible, so that we are better able to give you the information you need.

How do I suggest a purchase?
The best way to suggest a purchase is to use this web form, or look for the Suggest a Purchase link at the top of each catalog search screen.  You will need to enter as much information in the fields as you can about the item you would like to request. Make sure to enter your library card number, as requests without a number will not be considered. If you are not requesting the item to check out yourself, please add a note: Do not place hold. Then click Send. If library staff decide to purchase it, the process usually takes several weeks. Not all requests can be ordered. Log in to your account to check the status of your request; this should be available within a week after you place the request.

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View My Account

How do I access my account online?
You can access your account through our website using your library card and PIN numbers. You can view the items you have checked out and their due dates, as well as any holds or fines you may have. Go to, select the menu item My Account, choose Review My Account, and enter your library card number as your User ID and enter your 4-digit PIN.

How do I reset my PIN?
If you know your PIN and wish to change it, log into your account as described above and use the Change Logon section to enter your old PIN and the new PIN. You will need to type the new PIN in two fields to verify you have chosen your intended 4 digit number correctly. If you have forgotten your PIN, please come into any one of the Chandler Public Libraries with your library card and some picture ID to resquest staff change your PIN.

How do I pay fines?
To pay in person, come in to any Chandler Public Library location. We accept cash, check, VISA, Mastercard, and American Express for payment of fines. You can also conveniently pay your fines and fees online. You'll need your library card number and 4-digit PIN to pay online.

How do I change my account information?
At this time, the only items you can change on your account online is your phone number(s), email address, and contact preference. To change your 4 digit PIN, see the instructions above on How do I reset my PIN. You will have to visit any Chandler Public Library location, provide picture ID, and speak to a staff member to change your name or address.

How do I make sure I receive emails from the library?
If you have not been receiving your notification emails from the library please verify your email address with a staff member. You may also change or add an email address online by logging into your library account here: My Account and clicking on the Contact Information and Preferences section heading, scrolling down to Contact Information and adding or changing your email address in the email address field. A second email address may also be used for notices to both email addresses. 

How do I receive TXT message notification from the library?
If you would like to receive TXT message notices for your hold requests, almost due items, and overdue items, you can add a TXT phone number to your account by logging into your library account here: My Account and clicking on the Contact Information and Preferences section heading, scrolling down to Preferences and adding a phone number that can receive TXT messages. Be sure to also enter the phone carrier in the provided field.

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